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Why is it said that digitizing the warehouse operation process is the foundation for long-term business development?

With the continuous development of the current economy, behind the success of businesses, it is impossible not to mention as the foundation. develop. Therefore, it can be said that warehouse operation is the lifeblood of every business because it plays the role of orientation, leading the organizational apparatus to work in the most effective way. A business is only truly healthy when it has a well-functioning system, creating a premise to survive and compete in the market. In each industry and field, there will be a specific operating system. However, every operating system regardless of size needs to be standardized.

Applying TKELog WMS to business operations will get what?

- Standardization of warehouse operating procedures

- Maintain operational knowledge

- Inventory accuracy is almost 100%

- Measure the efficiency of warehouse operations

- Easily scale up supply chain operations

- Increase customer satisfaction rate of warehouse tenants

Boasting more than 12 years of experience with 600 algorithms applicable to all types of warehouses, recommendations for solutions to solve many different problems of each business. Helping warehouse operations become smoother and more optimal than ever, increasing warehouse productivity, reducing human resource costs and losses.

How long does it take to deploy a WMS system?

Depending on the size and type (Cloud or Enterprise) the business intends to deploy, the expected time will be from 20 to 30 days. The implementation plan will be divided into 4 phases:

+ Week 1: Warm-up, basic training

+ Week 2: Test run

+ Week 3: Golive trial

+ Week 4: Official Golive

How much does it cost to put a WMS into operation at the enterprise?

Depending on the area, operating personnel or the need for the warehouse of each enterprise, TKS will give an appropriate quote. If you want to know how much it will cost your business to adopt TKELog WMS, please contact us privately.

TKS ensures that the cost of deploying WMS system will be the best and most competitive price in the market for warehouse management software.


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