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Step 95 in the journey of 300 steps WMS, TMS.

Step 95 in the journey of 300 steps WMS, TMS.

🌲 A startup about Fullfilment has chosen TKELog WMS to accompany in its development process.

🌲With the maximum efficiency that can meet 50,000 orders/day and have many suitable pricing strategies to accompany each partner's development stage, the partner has been with you from 1st, 2nd to the present. > 40 warehouses.

🌲This is one of the strengths of TKELog WMS, In meetings, I rarely emphasize what the system saves, how it is optimized (that is natural when customers use it), but always Focus on 1 story: "We digitize your warehouse operation knowledge.", That is the foundation for great development 😘😘😘

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TKELog WMS is a WMS solution that has been standardized by TKSolution from 10 years of experience in WMS implementation and customization from many large warehouses in Vietnam.

The system is designed to be flexibly customized for many different types of warehouses, many different types of goods with extremely flexible costs from small to large warehouses.


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