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Step 94 in the journey of 300 steps WMS, TMS.

A 3PL transport enterprise with more than 80 vehicles has decided to choose TKELog TMS to operate its entire transportation operation with the following groups of features:

- Route optimization

- Driver app: Receive goods, deliver goods, sign eDP, take pictures for evidence...

- Track & trace

- Fleet cost management


🌲 TKELog TMS fully meets most of the requirements of the fleet, making an important contribution to the digitization of transportation activities of its partners.

🌲 With many years of experience in deploying optimal transportation systems for corporations and large fleets, in 2023 TKELog TMS was officially honored at the Sao Khue Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the software industry. Vietnamese soft 😘

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TKELog TMS is a TMS solution that has been standardized by TKSolution from 8 years of experience in TMS implementation and customization from many large 3PL and NPP companies in Vietnam to solve business problems:

🌲 Reduce trip arrangement time.

🌲 Improve the control productivity of the dispatch room with drivers and orders.

🌲 Digitize, store ePOD (Proof of Delivery) on the system.

🌲 Measure KPIs

🌲 Cost management, automatic charging

🌲 P&L reports, fleet performance


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