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Deploying WMS warehouse management solution for Zenbooks Joint Stock Company

After a period of research and discussion between the two businesses, TK Solution and Zenbooks Joint Stock Company, about the WMS warehouse management system as well as the features and benefits of applying the software to the warehouse management process. TKS is proud to be chosen by Zenbooks as a partner who will cooperate and deploy the WMS warehouse management system in the near future.

April 8, 2023, will be the signing date of the contract between two businesses, TK Solution and Zenbooks Joint Stock Company. Officially starting the process of accompanying and deploying the WMS system for businesses in Vietnam.

Founded in 2015 with an experienced leadership team in the publishing industry, Zenbooks is a leading reputable company for readers in the field of academic and interactive books for students. I, English exam preparation book.

Zenbooks aims to become one of the leading publishers of English books and foreign language self-study books in Vietnam. Being the first choice of domestic and foreign partners when looking for cooperation opportunities in Vietnam. The staff is qualified to produce competitive English books for release in foreign countries.

Due to the increasing demand for development, Zenbooks will soon expand its warehouse with an area of ​​about 1500 square meters with the location in District 11. The difficulties at the bookstore through the TKS survey found are related to the process. Manual warehouse operation process, no pallet location, clear commodity code, depends mainly on longtime warehouse staff. Applying WMS to the business process will solve these problems as well as get the benefits that the system brings such as:

+ Maintain warehouse operation knowledge

+ Manage and determine the exact location of goods and items

+ Each employee will pick up many orders in 1 time

+ Quick time to train new people, suitable for seasonal recruitment when the number of applications is high

To achieve the above, TKS has proposed as well as provide solutions that match the business's operating process with the e-commerce model. Deploy with methods such as Cluster pick, B2B, B2C, ..

TK Solution is extremely proud to be trusted by customers and choose to cooperate on the long road ahead. At the kick-off meeting, the two sides agreed on the process as well as the model, roadmap and organization and common principles during the project implementation.

Wish the two sides TK Solution and Zenbooks will cooperate successfully and stick for a long time in the next projects.


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