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Trò chuyện tại nhà kho


We also offer other customized partner plans that can be discussed in more detail with our partner account managers.

Provide opportunities for growth and profit

We are committed to creating a long-term partnership environment where we together foster growth and create success.


Access advertising content

This is the process of reaching and viewing promotional content, such as documents, images, videos, or online content used to promote products or services. This process may include visiting a website, mobile application, social media or email marketing to view promotional content.

Download detailed customer reports:

This is the process of downloading reports or documents containing detailed customer information. This report may contain data about purchasing behavior, personal information, geographic data or any information related to customer understanding and analysis. This process requires data storage and management systems to ensure reports are stored and retrieved efficiently.



Technical and programming team:

This is a group of technical and programming professionals with the knowledge and skills to handle project-related technical issues and requirements. They can have a variety of roles, from developing and customizing software, processing data, optimizing performance, and ensuring security, to implementation and technical support.

Collaborate with project managers:

The technical and programming teams assist the partner's project manager in ensuring the project is smoothly deployed and successfully completed. They can work alongside project managers to understand technical requirements, create appropriate solutions, ensure time and budget compliance, and provide technical-related support to the project.

Collaboration with experts

At TKELOG, we place great importance on forming long-term successful partnerships and have been working hard to make significant improvements to our benefits program. Get the most out of your business.


Profit received up to hundreds of millions per month for partners
24/7 support, advice on suitable solutions for customers

Let TKELOG offer the most
optimal management solution
for your business model.

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